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    Red face Some more follow-up on this idea ...

    After visually inspecting the Logitech Quickcam Orbit AF Web camera, I do not believe it work as nicely for this application as a standard clip-on laptop webcam would.

    Creative Labs Live! Notebook USB Webcam
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    Not only would the laptop webcam be a bit cheaper, but it would be dedicated to "peeking through the lens" ... and not hunting around with the tilt/pan capability. Its diminutive size also makes for a smaller installation ... and that is always good, too.

    Because of its inherent design, the Logitech Quickcam Orbit AF Web camera's orientation is more for a flat, top of the desk mounting,

    not on a ceiling, which makes placing its base rather difficult, directly behind the camera (which would more than likely obscure any forward looking capability) and with an upper tilt to operate. Anyway, let's just say ... I don't think so. Do not get me wrong here ... it is a marvelous device, but just is too cumbersome to deploy with my set-up.

    So, with that issue, the pan/tilt of the tripod-robot is all you get, while looking TTL. Still, Remote "Live View" is your real need ... the "look around" was just gravy. Boy, if that new Alpha has USB Live View in it ... that will be something.

    This Second Version poses to be:
    • less "Frankenstein-looking"
    • weigh less overall,
    • wireless (via WUSB)
    • significantly less cost
    • far more portable
    • integrated for the laptop.

    The system will be entirely USB controlled and operated ... and that makes life a lot simpler and most of all ... absolutely doable for the "rest of the planet."

    I just didn't want anyone copying this until I was sure. Thanks for following along, if you still are. It is still a 'field experiment' of sorts ... or, just call it ... "a work in progress."
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