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    Look, SONY products are on the upswing. Where else can you see this dramatically happening for any manufacturer. It is an exciting time to be part of a growing and evolving device.

    Admittedly, things are not progressing at the rate we all would appreciate, but still, it is still in its infancy ... since the resurrection. A lot of people are banging the drums and beating on the doors ... trying to get things out there, but SONY (by it enormous nature) is a monolith and, unfortunately, the camera department has to stand in line with everyone else.

    I hate to ask, but have you seen Nikon or Canon producing any full length feature films or releasing any music albums? Yeah, me neither. It is a big line over there at SONY. If you hang with the crowd, who knows what may evolve? Many may not remember this Adobe entry (<- click here and scroll down the page, to start the video), but if SONY got a hold of this technology and ran with it ... wow! Computational Photography (circa 2007). If you haven't seen this video or something like it ... it is the future of photography .. and it makes the current range of DSLRs look like a clay tablet and a stylus.
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