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hey, different strokes for different folks. if you need that sort of capability to shoot stationary objects at 1/15s, then by all means go for it. i just dont know too many people that need the capability to shoot dragon claws in a dark room. even if you do, you can always get a far superior 105VR for that.
Okay, you make my point for me ... the "105VR" is roughly $750 to $1000, depending on how badly you need to be finally burned. The lens I spoke of was a mere $200 ... on either frame. So, let's take that left over $550 and get some more (non-IS) glass to mount and shoot CLEARLY.

This is a silly dispute, because the indoor shooting with IS is useful on all these lenses. I don't HAVE to be picky ... as you are suggesting.

Welcome to my world ... have SONY ... no special lens. Take that on fact, not faith