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Not to be biased, but if you're going to reinvest in a new system and want ISO performance, you're going for Nikon right now and not Canon. We'll see how and if that changes in 2009...
Yeah, I think the D90/D300/D700 represent better high ISO capability overall than the 50D/5D Mk II.

There is a little more used Canon gear out there, which is nice. But the price difference in the D300 vs 40D and 5D vs D700 is tough. I know those two Nikons are better cameras, but they are a lot more expensive.

What about medium range lenses. All three sell the f/2.8 wide, normal, and 70-200. I can see a valid argument that the CZ are the best, but I expect all three are about as good as each other. But one thing I like about Canon is the f/4 range of L lenses. 17-40, 24-105, and 70-200 in f/4 make a much more affordable line of very high quality glass. In Sony I could get the 17-35 and 24-105 used, and much cheaper, but I think they are a lot lower quality. Does Nikon offer a "mid-range" like that?

Don, I read that review at dpreview. They seem to really like it. Indication seems to be that turning off the NR on the A700 along with using a PP NR program will get results about as good as the competition. That is promising. And one would expect (hope) that Sony realizes the high ISO NR is a BIG complaint from users, and should be a major focus of the next round of bodies. Whenever they will come out.