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    Quote Originally Posted by Peekayoh View Post
    Switch to Canikon and you'll gain better ISO performance and promptly lose it again with camera shake.
    What? An IS/VR lens gives you 3-4 stops. That's more than enough.

    When I saw the first post in the thread, I immediately did a search for the word "flash". Not a single return. No one has mentioned the fact that what you really need is not a better camera for lower noise, but a flash to bounce off the ceiling for better light (and lower noise).

    I shoot indoors at 1/125 f/4 ISO 400 in low light, without in-body OR in-lens IS/VR, and I never have camera shake problems. Ever. At some point when the venerable Nikkor 17-55 is on my camera I will shoot at f/2.8 and use a little less flash power for better background smoothness.

    You need light. A good flash will cost the same as a new lens so consider that.

    The Tamron 17-50 is a great lens but don't use it below f/4, you won't like the results. This is not a very good lens at f/2.8 so there are better choices if you want more light.
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