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    Quote Originally Posted by seanhoxx View Post
    Would this have been a handy use for a CPL? or is it better to try and +/- EV till it looks right? Also where are the pics of Frank on his snowboard? My daughter spent the long weekend outside of Buffalo NY snowboarding and had her point and shoot, may try and put some of those up later.
    Sorry Sean, you still need use the EV compensation button.
    The CPL simply acts like a ND filter (about 1.5 stops) in addition to cutting down on the reflected light.

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    Ahhh yes....the perils of the snow.

    My last trip in the snow was full of apprehension as I had a dodgy left knee after a knee reconstruction about 10 years earlier. I was worried it would give way while skiing.

    I shouldn't have worried......my right knee gave away instead

    I did get a free trip in the little snow mobile bikie thingy

    A second knee reconstruction and about $2,000 later....no more skiing for me. Snow will strictly be for photo taking.
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    All right I see, but will need to practice it, CPL to cut the glare / reflection off the snow etc. Ev comp. to adjust proper exposure of the subject.
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    Meter will take care of the ND effect of the CPL. Compensate by +1.5 stops to start.

    A couple of things to remember.
    Position is important. Sun right behind you, practically no polarised light. At 90 degrees to the sun, maximum polarised light and biggest effect.
    Don't try for a panorama with the filter, you've got no chance of matching up the sky.
    You need to focus first if using a zoom and the front element turns. It may be easier to switch to manual focus to stop it moving after you set the CPL.
    A second hand polariser has to be CPL (circular polariser). The linear ones' upset metering and AF.

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