We took our son, daughter, and grandson snowboarding and tubing withe some friends. They all had a great time until later in the day my friend gets a call from the first aid station saying that their son got hurt. As we ran to the first aid station we seen a MedEvac helicopter coming in for a landing along with two ambulances by the first aid station. When we got there they told us we couldn't go in because we had to wait for the helicopter to finish landing. The man by the first aid station would not tell us who the helicopter was coming for until I told him his son got hurt. Then he said it was for the this kid who hit a tree. That did not put us at ease until he pointed to the parents of the kid and said it was there kid. My friends son just hurt his wrist. The kid they took away in the helicopter hit the tree with his face and had neck pains. I don't know how he is doing. Here are some pictures.


My son

My daughter

My grandson and our friends son

The helicopter