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    Exclamation Call to arms ...

    Gentlemen ... and Ladies,

    I would like to ask for your assistance in a discussion concerning the implementation of the aforementioned "INFO" button feature for the SONY Alpha line of cameras.

    In my own experience, an information convenience like this, for a new user, would be amazingly simple to implement in a digital LCD equipped device (the camera itself) and could offer answers to those procedural questions (Q&A) that always seem to come up, not only here ... online, but in camera shops and on the telephone (with its inherent two-hour wait with customer assistance).

    New users could have SONY's ear on this (for a very short time), should there be a concerted interest in its implementation and development.

    Please add your support to the following thread (<- click here), on the SONY Style forum and tell these people that having information about your camera is a good idea ... the more the merrier. This could/should & would definitely affect the future design of these cameras ... offering a better understanding to you ... the user. Hey, it's your frustration we are talking about here ... I say reduce it when you can.

    To the forum: Good luck and thanks for any and all participation. We can change things ...

    This could represent the greatest single improvement in the digital-design for an SLR that it could have never enjoyed, before. Using technology for training and robotic assistance in the future operation of your hobby.

    SAMPLE Idea:

    Attachment 44420

    • "LENS" would be auto detection of the capabilities and limitations of the lens you have mounted, from an internal lens database detailing key features, such as Minimum Focus Distance (MFD), MACRO, Aperture limitations, operational details.
    • "OM" - Camera's Owner's/User's Manual
    • "DOF" - Automatic Depth of Field calculation at set aperture, distance and focal length (zoom) setting for lens mounted.
    • "TUT" - Tutorial mode, offering additional training for specific shot scenarios and camera's "creative modes."
    • "FLSH" - Only offered if a SONY flash is attached, offering the SPECIFIC Flash User's Manual and Wireless/SLAVE operation detail

    SAMPLE Idea:
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    Attachment 44423

    SAMPLE Idea:
    (more explanation of selected topic)
    Attachment 44425

    Note: The above is only for illustrative purposes and is not currently available in ANY of the SONY Alpha cameras.
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