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    Kodak Z980 and Nikon P90

    The Kodak Z980 and the Nikon P90 will be available this Spring. The specs on these 24x, 12MP cameras read almost identical with Kodak adding a vertical grip and Nikon adding an LCD that tilts. I wonder if these two cameras are basically the same with minor changes.

    I am looking for an upgrade to my Z712 and have been thinking SLR, as in D90, but a smaller package with a well performing 24x zoom is interesting. The drawbacks I see with these smaller cameras are the smaller sensor limitations and the lack of raw capture.

    Has anyone seen the P90 or Z980 in stores yet or have an idea when they will be available?

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    The KODAK Z980 shoots in RAW, and thats been known from the time the rig was released. You can go to KODAK and get all the info you want on the Z980.


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    You may indeed be very correct. Remember that the Fuji S-8000 used the same lens as the Olympus SP-550. The Kodak Z980, the Nikon P-90 and the Pentax X-70 all appear to use the very same lens

    Sarah Joyce
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