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    My day is now complete - a scam from Nigeria

    I just had this response to a Craigslist advert. I can't be bothered to look at the headers - I know it comes from Lagos.

    My name is muhammeed and My fiancee is christerna and i are
    getting married on MARCH 7th,2009 at Ceresville Mansion Frederick,
    I need a photographer who will come and snaps hot on that day and
    when i came across your advert i was impressed.
    We will want you to work for at least 6 Hours at the occasion,we
    will pay the transportation charges to and from the party venue.At
    this moment,my wife and i are in our Hawaii for our preweedding
    honeymoon and will try get in touch with you personally when we
    return. Let me know if you would be available for that date. muhammeed
    and chris
    I just replied, telling him it would cost $250,000 and that 20x16 prints were $2,000 each, asking him how many 20x16s he wanted.


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    That's about what I'd charge.

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    He wants you to "snaps hot"...you underbid.
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    It's so much utter crap. I'm just glad Nigerians can't spell and don't have a clue about grammar - otherwise it might be harder to spot the scammers.

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    Recently I've had the 30D advertised online at a very reasonable 300. The only 4 responses to my ad have all wanted me to send it to Nigeria. A few months ago I advertised my BMW online - I was even lucky enough to receive a PHONECALL from Nigeria, man those guys must be busy, scamming the whole world repeatedly.

    I've given up selling the 30D, I'm keeping it!
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    I had a similar incident last year when I was selling a car on craigslist. Presumed buyer was going to wire me check and arrange for a "mover" to pick up the car. I responded with an email to contact me here with the details.

    Out of curiousity I shot a quick email to the Ceresville Mansion about bookings on that date with the named parties. This is the response...

    "Hello -
    We do have a wedding here but with another couple who booked about a year out. "They" use urgency as part of their plea.

    This is a scam - something like the Nigerian pay it forward scam. They say
    they'll pay by credit card or cashiers check and you in turn use your funds
    to help procure other services etc. Many times they are pre-honeymooning
    and need your help. Also never give last names and spelling/grammar is

    By the time you find out their card is fraudulent or the check is
    counterfeit they've emptied your bank account. (unfortunately happened to a gal in Baltimore - as being in the area we service she was not as

    We had a major problem with this last June, then it lessened but I've had
    about 9 inquiries this week, so here we go again. Many times the "customer"
    is getting info on vendors through craigslist. Craigslist has info on their
    website too.

    We've been told to just delete the email. Many times I send on to
    spam@uce.gov. Or I think the FBI has an ic3 form that it uses - more for the scams about winning lotteries or the passing of funds between countries - using your account - for persons deceased.

    Glad you checked it out and hope you have a healthy and prosperous '09.

    Barb Miles
    Business Office
    Ceresville Mansion"

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    oh i wouldn't say they're all that bad, i got a few million i'm waiting to transfer in my account from the PRESIDENT of nigeria!!! isn't that great?
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    I baited one of those scammers for weeks. Never got a fake check from him though I wanted one to frame and hang on my wall.

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    HA! They are fun to play with.

    I had one that said he was in the Cleveland area, gave me a cell phone number from Washington state registered to a company in California, a street address in Virginia (I looked it up...the house was actually for sale!!) for a wedding in Savannah, GA.

    It was hilarious...I told him that my accounts had been closed at the bank and was no longer able to take checks. Oddly he stopped communicating when I told him that since he was only 2 1/2 hours away that I would pick up the cash.

    Didn't even tell him I was planning on bringing a few friends with me
    UPS drivers should wear red and white like Santa!!

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    I always liked this Fox Trot...
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    Camera: Anonymous
    I could tell you but I wouldn't want you to get all pissy if it's the wrong brand


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