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    Please help me with valuing cameras from my fathers estate.

    I was hoping someone might be kind enough to help me determine whether any of my late fathers cameras hold any value. Below are the cameras and lenses.

    Please note these cameras are not for sale, I am just doing some legwork for the executors to aid them in their decision.

    Many thanks for any guidance.

    Pentax - IQzoom 200 48-200mm

    Nikon L35 AF2

    Minolta – Weathermatic Dual 35
    Minolta – Instantpro

    Olympus AZ-300 Superzoom 38-105mm
    Olympus - Omio
    Olympus - OM-4 with Tamaron SP 500mm lens

    AICO Super Wide Semi Fish-eye .42x
    Sunagor Auto Zoom 1:56 F=75-300mm
    Olympus OM135mm F2.8
    Olympus OM 75-150mm
    Zuiko Olympus OM Auto Zoom 1:4 F=35-70mm
    Vivitar Autothuristor 2600.D flash

    Sony video8 handycam CCD-TR75
    Sony video8 handycam CCD-TR67
    Sony video8 CCD-M8 in hard case with stand alone video player/recorder EV-C8

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    Look them up on KEH.com. Quite honestly I wouldn't say much more than $300 for the lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhys View Post
    Look them up on KEH.com. Quite honestly I wouldn't say much more than $300 for the lot.

    thanks for the link to KEH. I will head over there and look the items up.

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    Sorry to hear of your loss.
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