ty all, i was very excited to get the image i thought it was dead on as well. the iphoto i have has sharpening i guess i was being to extreme with it ill give it a whirl in a little bit and post. and peekayoh you can always have a go with my images, i like to see what people do with them, especially when Don throws in the twighlight zone or something goofy like that. my images are not sacred, as you can see i am eager to learn all aspects of this and the only way i can do that is to post, see what you guys say or do to the images , understand te corrections and try to do them myself. this is why i was so excited when i posted the first image i got good advice on what to do and i went bach and corrected the shot. i learned more and more about this camera this last trip i am grateful. as you can see when you tell me something i do my darndest to try and correct the mistakes. like i posted before im actually starting to nderstand this stuff.