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Rooz ... I spent the better part of a day, just lurking in the SONY Style store, just to see who was buying what. Of the three people, during that time, that asked to look at the A900, two asked for a high-end lens to test it with. Okay, fine ... no lens, no sale.

Four people asked to see the A700 ... one specifically asked for the CZ 85mm f/1.4 to go with it. No lens ... no sale.

Of the several lesser cameras ... no one asked to see any of the high-end glass. They seemed to be content with the kit lenses and the 18-200/250 that was on the shelf.

Now, I was only in there for about four hours, discussing different aspects of the cameras with the sales guy ... showing him the ins and outs of the camera. Obviously, no one but a photographer would be interested ... unless they were trying to sell stuff to photographers.

The bottom line is ... when you are trying to decide on new glass for your rig, it is kind of cool to take a couple for a "test drive", without all the fuss of having to mail it back if it doesn't cut it. I don't know how you can even suggest that "mail order" is the preferred method of operating. Had I gotten a chance to try out my SONY AF 70-200mm f/2.8 G SSM lens, in person, I would not have purchased it, after finding out that it was defective. That was a major hassle. I could have avoided two months of angst ... but no ... you think everything is hunky-dory in ol' Lensland. Well, I am here to tell you different. If you get a chance to evaluate some glass before buying it ... I highly recommend you do. "Factory Sealed" only means that some jamoke hasn't played with your lens. It does nothing to assure against manufacturer defect or hidden damage. Only an on-hand inspection can do that.

Personally, I am sick and tired of floating glass back and forth through the shipping/mail system.

I have to ask ... "are you getting this?"
i'm getting it all too well Don. you have too much time on your hands if your lurking around sonystyle stores spying on peoples buying...correction...PERUSING habits. how do you know if they DID have the lens they were going to buy it anyway ? how do you know they werent just another tyre kicker like you ?

and despite yet another wordy Don rant...you fail to answer the crux of the issue at hand. answer the question....

what exactly are you asking for ? every manufacturer to stock every retailer with all of their premium glass ?

as for trying out the 70-200 lens. thats yet another arguement devoid of logic. the lens' i have bought are all sealed/ if i get an unsealed box i can sure as hell tell you its going back. i'm buying NEW, not a display model where every man and his dog can handle it, play with it, shoot with it, get dust in it and put their grubby mits all over it. bugger that for a joke.

so by your logic, the retailer would have to say to you...FINE Don, you PAY for the lens before i break the seal and if its defective then i'll get you another one...but if you wanna handle it, you BUY it.

you'll have to do alot better than type out such nonsense to make your point with me.