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Thread: Peek's gear!

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    Quote Originally Posted by seanhoxx View Post
    I think dealing with members in the forum is great, and exchange of advice and info here is fine but maybe when we get to making deals and price offers it should go by private message? not sure what the mods and or admin. feels about a 'open marketplace' in the threads.
    Peek you have and have used both, what are the pros / cons and advantages between the 24 and 28 primes?
    You need to bear in mind that my experience with these lenses is with film as I've only had a DSLR since late November.
    I had the 28mm first, and was happy enough till I got the 24mm. With both lenses AF is instant and IQ is similar in colour but centre sharpness is definitely better on the 24mm. Either lens is acceptably sharp wide open but both perform best at around f4. The extra width, sharpness and lack of distortion of the 24mm more or less made the 28mm redundant for me especially when the 28-135mm came along which is killer sharp for a zoom. The detail on Landscapes and Buildings can be breathtaking with this lens (the 24), group shots are easy and the 2.8 aperture is helpful indoors or early evening outside. Did I mention size; about the same as the 50mm f1.7, put one in your pocket and you hardly know it's there. Go into town with the 24mm and a 35-70mm f4 zoom and you've got a cheap, lightweight rig for most situations, juat a thought.

    That's on film. On the Sony, I haven't yet had a chance to properly explore the possibilities but given that the APS-C is only using the centre (and best) part of the lens' imaging circle, I would say that edge sharpness and distortion are even better but on the negative side, the 24mm becomes a less useful 36mm and the 28mm becomes a 42mm which is closer to standard 50mm.

    Image wise both lenses deliver but which focal length you prefer is down to you; I think my preference is clear.

    I'm happy to discuss like issues on the forum but anything else needs to be by PM.

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    I have the 50mm 1.7 and also use the tamron 17-50 so I pretty much have the 50mm
    (42)mm pretty well covered. A 24mm may prove handy, and it would be so small like the 50mm it almost doesn't count as a extra lens in your bag or pocket. I am interested in getting a UWA maybe the Tamron what is it the 10-24 I think, so something to ponder and think about with the 24mm, Thanks
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    I've been thinking a lot about the 24, or the 28 f/2.8, but then I keep going back to the fact that the Tamron 17-50 will just about cover both of them... It won't be as sharp wide open, but for the versatility, maybe its better.
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    Compromises, compromises, that's what it's all about. If money wasn't an issue you'd simply have both.
    It's hard to ignore the flexibility of a "ZOom" which is why they get most use, but if you want a killer sharp shot be it still life, a building or landscape, a prime is where you find it.
    I've always thought the 17-50 to be a bit soft, softer than the KM 17-35.
    I presume you've already looked at some 24mm shots on dyxum. http://www.dyxum.com/dforum/forum_posts.asp?TID=11744

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