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Thread: Flash for Sony

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    Lightbulb Smaller flash ideas

    There is also the ring flash, which offers a smaller and different approach to your imaging.

    SONY offers a ring light, but it is NOT a flash, but a lens mounted lamp of limited illumination, Personally, it requires a longer exposure than i am comfortable with.

    The other ring-type unit is the twin flash.

    Other flash solutions would requite a hot shoe converter of some type, to provide a PC-sync port for the α100, α200, α300 & α350 DSLRs which SONY saw fit to not conveniently include. There are "third party" alternatives which are smaller in size and a carload cheaper to purchase and use.

    A third-party ring flash for under $100
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    Quote Originally Posted by rich1911 View Post
    First off I'd like to say hi since i'm new to this forum. Next I have a Alpha 100 but I would like to upgrade to a 350 this year. What I am looking for is a smaller more compact flash for the Sony DSLR than the full size Sonys. Does any one know if any one makes such a unit
    Hi Rich. I'd agree with whats been said. Upgrade to the A700. Talk to dr4gon maybe.
    As for the flash I think it likely that a small flash unit may well materialise from Sony as a trigger for the A900. There is speculation that Sony will offer wireless trigger instead but that seems unlikely to me.

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