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    best printer to use with Mac OX and Photoship CS3?

    I have been using Epson STYLUS PHOTO R800 and it is acting up....I am ready to give up on it and purchase new...I print on Epson Double Sided MATTE Heavyweight paper...my Mac is 10.5 and I use PHOTOSHOP CS3 version 10.0.1. The quality of the prints on matte paper by the R800, when it waas working, were GREAT. so....what's comparable now???
    granny karen

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    I'd post this same question at the Tack Sharp forums. They seem to have a little more focus on in home printers there. They even have a section for printers. The hosts of that show certainly seem to be fans of Epson. When I sold printers I would typically push Windows users to Canon or HP, and Mac users to Epson or HP. However, HP has (in my opinion) gone to the dogs in recent years. They build cheap stuff, and seems like there biggest interest with printers is to install software with advertisements to you.

    Epson always seemed to have slightly better Mac drivers, so that is probably still the way to go.

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    Having used them both Professionally and at home, IMHO you won't beat an Epson printer for print quality (although Canon are pretty good).
    Which? How much money you got. R1900's sweet.
    I think R800 is dropped; you might consider having the yours refurbished. Depends on how it's playing up.

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