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    Quote Originally Posted by CabotGrey View Post
    I recently picked up one of the LaCie 730 LDC monitors which came with a colormeter and calibration software and printer profiler. I think its one of the best investments I have made in a long_long time. Photos out of the Sony 700&900 (and one other camera) are an absolute "spot on match with prints." Conversions from RGB to CMYK for pro lab prints from CS4 has never been so accurate for me. Today I truly understand. Color management is so important and so few understand this.
    Come on, you must be a "Pro" to have one of these monsters on your desk!
    I'd love to see what camera gear you're using.

    Oh! and welcome to the Bear Pit.

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    Thanks for the welcome into the Bear Pit.. Peekayoh. Sure hope I don't get eaten alive! That would really suck!

    Actually the LaCie monitor is larger than any TV I have in the house, so yea it's a monster of a screen. Personally I do not consider a great photograph "Great" until you put it to paper. So printing is so important to me because my income depends upon it. It's not the size of monitor that matters, but the color accuracy from monitor to print that counts.

    I think most Pro's have the attitude which they have mastered the art of photography. In the day of transparencies and film, I would have no reservation in telling anyone I was a Pro. In this ever changing and updating world of Digital Photography it's quite a challenge to make such a claim. The ability to produce color accurate prints requires quite a lot more.

    My introduction into photography was with Leica and Minolta. I use the Sony system because of the investment I made into the Minolta Lenses many years ago. As of today I am using the Sony System and Hasselblad H System.

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