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    Welcome to Don’s Corner …

    Hey, look … I know a lot of you guys/gals are pretty new to all this and I have to say that "there REALLY IS a whole more to this than just taking an image, cropping it and throwing it up on the video screen."

    One thing that initially gets overlooked is Color Management. Basically, that boils down to a “red” actually being red, not purplish-red, orangy-red, yellowish-red or what have you, but RED. To do that, a standard needs to be established between your camera, your monitor, your printer.

    Right now, you probably have what you believe to be the best color available that you monitor can produce. Maybe, maybe not. You need to standardize it.

    “Why?” I can hear people asking, "It looks just fine to me.".

    The reason is that WE all have to look at YOUR work … and if we are all seeing it “differently”, how in the heck can we accurately advise you to make corrective changes to improve on it? So, in a way, you owe it to the people you are submitting your “art” to, for fair and evaluative criticism, to at least have a fair method of doing so, without it being tainted (seems like a favorite word these days) by a monitor, literally, “out of control.”

    huey to the rescue (huey on YouTUBE) (<-click here for some explanation)

    Attachment 43837

    “The PANTONE® huey corrects the color on your monitor so photos and designs print more accurately, game graphics are more intense and movies are more true–to–life. Easy–to–use right out of the box, huey adapts your monitor for changing room lighting and applies your personal preferences for viewing accurate color all of the time.”

    Aside from your camera, after profiling your monitor, this one component assures you that what YOU see ... is what everyone else SHOULD SEE. Now, we are on a more level playing field.

    Of course there are more improved methods for doing this available, but this is pretty basic to real participation on the forums, when you are asking about “White balance” and “skin tones.” If you have not added this color correcting feature to your computer system … don’t expect much sympathy for your plight. This may be hard to hear, but “YOU are your own worst enemy.

    Here is a link to get you started and don’t bother complaining about whether or not it is necessary. I am here to tell you it is! Get one and stop the moaning already.

    Find one where you can ... but get one first, do the profile ... and THEN ask your evaluative questions. Then, some people should be able to really help. Consider a "first step" to improving your work.

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