Hey Guys (and/or Gals) …

Wouldn’t it be nice if we … had a prospective SONY DSLR member come in, as for the first camera kit recommendation, we give it to that person … and they start off w/o the “kit lens” issues and taking pictures far and above the standard P&S faire? I mean WHAM … they are right “in the hunt” with superior capabilities!

With things like:
  • No struggling with any old film lenses some unscrupulous dealer is still trying to pawn off on them?
  • Knowing just what to ask for when they walk in the store (or buy online)?
  • What proper filter selections to make, to protect their lenses?
  • What software to use to get the most from their photography experience?
  • Knowing what the rough price of every item should be, in their bag, before they ever break out the funding?

That’s kind of what I had envisioned this forum to partially be about. A mutual sharing effort … to deliver the goods. Hey, the price is right!

Any other thoughts along this line?

Welcome aboard! Just ask ... let's see what happens, shall we?