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    Shooting the Maxxum 5000

    A few notes, results, and questions on this camera, which is probably old enough to buy beer. I know this is the Sony forum, but more than anything, putting a couple of rolls of film through this Maxxum is to teach me more about how to better use my Alpha. I don't intend to use this a lot, but basically got it for free with a few lenses I wanted. I have not used a film camera since I was a lot less interested in photography, so I know very little about film.

    So my first question is about the color. They came out quite yellow. I think I'm using Fuji 400 indoor/outdoor film. Most of these were indoors, does that mean I'm supposed to be using some sort of filter to get the color right?

    Here are some samples. None are good shots, I was just having some fun, trying to burn through the roll.

    Milo sure doesn't look like a 60 lb dog in this picture.

    I'm a little embarrassed for my wife's UNC diploma to be on the wall, but give her a break, everybody makes mistakes.

    Can you tell I'm enjoying the ability to shoot with a shallow depth of field?

    Second is a button on the back I can't figure out. It says "BLC." It's the only button on the whole camera I haven't figured out. It's right above the thumb grip, I think I've seen that this is where the exposure lock is on some of the other Maxxums.

    Third, I threw the Sony 18-70 kit lens on it, and I was surprised by the results. I am sure there is a lot of corner fall off, but there was only vignetting at the widest settings, seemed like 22 or so and above the lens was usable.

    Here's one at 18mm
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