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    Red face A decent lens deal ... for a walkaround

    On one of the other boards ... a 16-105 came up. You guys might want to take a look.
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    i would in a heartbeat but now i have to save for a crib and stroller
    also been wanting the Minolta 28-135mm as well.
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    Wow, thats tough. I'm still leaning towards the 24-105 because it's a stop faster on the long end (and there's an almost new one on ebay for just over $200), but that same long end is covered pretty well with the beercan if I need it.

    I'm really happy with the 28-85mm so far (that lens needs a nickname) and now I've been thinking about picking up the new Tamron 10-24mm to go with the 28-85 instead of the 17-50.... but maybe I should get that 16-105, then just buy a couple of primes for bigger aperture stuff. So many choices!
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