I'm new here, so please be gentle.

I've been looking for a DSLR for a while and was very interested in specs for the A100, then the A700 came out, and after much soul searching and a lot of research, I opted for the A700 (body only), and, based on this, and other forums, the SAL18250 lens.

Been playing with the setup for a week or so now, trying different things, and recently I decided to try the cRAW format. This morning I hooked up the camera to download the pix, and all I could see were the previously shot JPG files. I thought that the Sony IDC software would "automatically" see the cRAW files in the RAW --> File types ,and convert them, but all I get are little box icons and messages that the "format is not supported". What am I doing wrong? How do I get the cRAW's to convert to a viewable/saveable picture.

Thanks for the help