O.K. Don, so we forget the production and marketing of custom made edged weapons with hand mixed and forged metals. Instead new project! a set of CD tutorials for the new DSLR owner, CD one functions and use of the DSLR what the buttons and settings mine and do, CD 2 all about lenses use and limitations, CD 3 why does this picture look like this, how to fix, or be able to do it again, use photos with shallow DOF, high ISO noise, etc.
And what about this on the camera like you said INFO button make it a setting so that the camera would pick up incompatiable settings, explain why, and what effects could be caused, make suggestions to change settings and what it would do. wouldn't have to be in great detail.
My own story, before I bought I researched and read online for 3 to 4 months, narrowed my brand and model down and did detailed research, went to a few camera shops, got little to no help, or out right WRONG info. My favorites one place a small electronics store that had Nikon and Canon DSLR's and other brand P&S cameras asked me if I was sure Sony made a DSLR !! another place I explained my interest in Sony, and that I was debating between the 300 or the 700, I went over my interests and desires, what I planned on shooting, what kinds of things I wanted to be able to do etc. With out batting a eye the owner moved down the counter pulled out a Nikon D80 and said this is really the camera you want, and THE ONLY ONE that can do what you want!!! I left.
Then I came here and read and read and started asking questions, all before I bought my camera or lenses. The only lens I wish I hadn't of bought is the well used Minolta 70-210 3.5, the only lens I didn't ask about on here before buying LOL!