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    Look, like tires, the more your drive ...

    Anyway, so you shoot the snot out of your rig ... you cash it in and get a new one. Great idea when it fails. I suggest you cease worrying about failure of the device and think more about the success of your imaging.

    Good luck, shutterbug.
    Don Schap - BFA, Digital Photography
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    Remember: It is usually the GLASS, not the camera (except for moving to Full Frame), that gives you the most improvement in your photography.

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    If this global warming keeps up we will all freeze to death!!!!!!

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    You don't see me backing off the shutter button. If it breaks then I have a good excuse to get a new one. It will happen when it happens. I have a lot of images before I get to 100000. By then I will be looking at the A 1100.LOL

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    Not at the rate you're snapping away, Frank. I'll give it a year.

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    What little I have read indicates that 100000 is about the life, maybe 10 or 20 thousand less in you shoot lots and lots in burst mode. Anyway my idea and attempt at humor was just and idea for you to claim you have to upgrade before the shutter wears out!
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    take out the memory card. shoot jpeg, lowest quality, get a remote shutter, set it to continuous burst, hold down the shutter leave it overnight to a few days = new a900 in no time!

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    Hey dr4gon, we don't need an excuse, just some spare cash.

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