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    Well, I believe these outside agencies buy SONY Repair authorization and in turn, get their share of work. I originally used Laredo, last year, as the primary repair activity. They wound up doing one of my lenses. Since then, Precision Camera has been the location for the A700 repairs.

    I have a lens repair facility, nearby, for TAMRON, SIGMA, and Tokina. Unless I buy TAMRON, after a year, the cost of most repairs or adjustments of a lens falls on my shoulders, which is why I refuse to buy SIGMA. Not only is the QC probably the worst I have ever seen (they really should include a return label in the new lens box to resharpen the "brand new" lens) but, their warranty is ... well, you can figure it out.

    I currently only have ONE SIGMA lens ... and guess where it is, right now ...

    Personally, I think it is a darn shame for the entire Photographic Community that this poor QA/QC is being allowed to continue. One thing is for sure, though, the freight shipping companies are going to be in business for a long, long time, not only delivering the initial shipment of the ordered lens to the customer, but at least two more additional shipments as the lens goes back and forth between the warranty repair depot and the customer. Man ... I know where my stock purchase will be.
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