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    Quote Originally Posted by S_p_i_d_e_r View Post
    Pretec manufactures non-HC 4GB SD cards. While they work in some older non-HC compatible devices, they sometimes refuse to work with SDHC devices (e.g. Panasonic cameras) showing only 1GB free space or not working at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by K1W1 View Post
    No there are several brands of 4GB SD cards available but they are rare which is why it's important to know exactly what the OP has.
    This is very true. I have a Transcend non-SDHC 4GB card that I bought waaaaay back in 2005!

    But...I never had a problem with it in any device...except that if it was formatted in a camera that only supported FAT16 formatting, it only showed 2GB usable...but, if it was formatted on the computer or in a newer camera, all 4GB is usable...even in an older camera such as my Canon SD500 (which can only format a card FAT16...but can obviously use a card that was formatted FAT32 somewhere else)...

    Quote Originally Posted by vader07 View Post
    I am unsure how to format my new Transcend 4GB Secure Digital (SD) Flash Card (Model TS4GSD133). I have Windows Vista OS and the text prompt repeatedly pops up with an error message proclaiming that it is unable to be formatted.
    Sounds like the card is bad. I know someone who's Kodak 4GB card went bad last week. Totally unrecoverable and unformatable. Rare...but it happens! Send it back.
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    I used the same ones as JTL, no problems.
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    Smile unable to format 4gb sd

    You could try downloading the format software from transcends site.


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