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    SunPak Auto 522 Thyristor Flash Gun

    I have a SunPak Auto 522 Thyristor Flash Gun I have used with my Pentax cameras for a long time. Is there a way to make this unit compatible with my recently acquired Pentax K10D, without a lot of expense? I have attempted to contact Pentax with this question but I have received no reply as yet. I have been having a ball with the new purchase, but found I could use more flash indoors with some of the things I am trying to do, bounce and distance.

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    Insert batteries and charge the flash. Leave it on. Now take a digital multimeter. Set it on low volt DC say 0 to 20 volts. Put the red probe from the multimeter on the flash shoe center ball / pin, and the black probe on the flat strip embedded on either side of the hot shoe. Measure the voltage. If it reads 4 to 8 volts then it is safe to use on any DSLR. Just remember to mount the flash on the camera with both switched off.

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