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Thread: Z3 is flawed

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    pboerger Guest

    Z3 is flawed

    The Z3 is quite simply a flawed design. After using it for 5 months in every type of shooting, I find the camera does not come close to expectations. Pictures are very soft and noisy. Almost every shot requires color and level correction. Low light shooting is so bad as to be almost useless, even with the flash. Without a flash, forget it. Don't buy this camera.

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    coolmo Guest


    At first I noticed my images were very noisy, but now it seems the noise has decreased. In fact I was just comparing 2 pictures that were taken at the exact same settings. One was the fourth picture I took the other is around the 1500th and there is no comparison. The fourth looks like iso 400 or worse and the 1500th looks like iso 200 on a good camera. ISO was set a 200. Also don't set sharp to 'hard' this increases noise and doesn't make images much sharper than 'normal'. I took some test photos with sharpness at 'normal' and 'hard'. The 'normal' images had less noise and were sharper and had more detail than the 'hard' images when sharpened with Photoshop. I've found settings of 100,1,3 for amount,radius,threshold to work well for Unsharp mask.

    Do you have the 1.02 firmware. This is supposed to help with metering. I have found the metering to be very good. In fact A friend with a Canon G3 and I took some test Photos of the same stuff. My pictures came about perfect where his were usually underexposed.

    I have found color to be very accurate, not oversaturated like a lot of digicams.

    The flash on mine is week at its stock setting. I use +.3 to +1 flash compensation for indoor shots.

    Overall I am very happy my Z3. I love the fast autofocus speed especially. You're going to get shots you would miss with most other digital cameras.
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