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    Question Image development

    I've been kicking around an idea for a type of photograph I'd like to create ... but was curious if anyone might have tried it. The idea goes something like this:

    Camera on a very short tripod or sitting on a pad, on the ice. Imagine a "kid" hockey player ... coming in directly at the camera ... a spray of ice from his skates as he skids forward, slammin' on the brakes, so to speak ... the blade of his hockey stick barely visible through the shower ... the ice showering the observer (the camera) with spray as the image gets taken (might want to shoot through "Saran Wrap" to protect your jewel). Obviously, you want the hockey player to be fully recognizable as a 'sports portrait shot'.

    Now, if you have gotten that image ... add the hockey puck Photoshop'd into the image (no sense losing a camera and lens to something like this).

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    Any hockey lovers out there ... game for a shot like this?

    I may just try this, myself.
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