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Hi Jeff! Thank you for asking 'us'...
Two comparasion tests.
1. Canon S90, Canon G11, Sony DSC WX1 vs. the already tested Panasonic LX 3.
2. Panasonic ZR1, Fuji 70EXR vs. the already tested Panasonic TZ6/7 and Fuji 200 EXR.
I like this shootout comparison list. Perhaps it could become a new review feature as opposed to the end of the review which states something like (forgive me, I'm paraphrasing) if you're interested in this camera, you might also be interested in x, y, z.

In certain cases (not all by any stretch) I think it would be really nice to see head-to-head comparisons. I think the WX1 from list 1 could be in list 2.