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I'm sorry, but with all due respect, I have to strongly disagree with this proposal.

Why should this site (or any photography review site for that matter) be the purview of only "serious" photographers? What exactly do you mean by a "serious" photographer anyway?

As the current owner of four (2 fully auto) point 'n' shoot digital cameras who's also been shooting for more than 50 years with 35mm film cameras, am I considered not to be a "serious" photographer?

It's perfectly acceptable for you not to consider cameras without a WA lens and manual controls (it's a free world!) and that's your decision, but please don't suggest that DCResource should ignore the multitude of top-notch cameras out there that don't have those features... such as the Panasonic TZ7 which doesn't have any manual modes such as aperture priority.

It's unrealistic to suggest that Jeff shouldn't review the TZ7, as it's a great 12x pocketable, fully auto point 'n shooter, with a lovely 460,000 dot 3" LCD.

And as I've said before, I really dislike this implied camera "snobbery" — or the imaginary delineation between "serious" photographers and the rest of us who don't know, apparently, what we're talking about.

While I'm always keeping my eyes open for a decent advanced camera (although I'm not ready to buy one now, as I already have an SX10), I also look a little at more entry level compacts, just to see how things are going there. I'd like to see a review site that puts the same effort into reviewing all cameras (fully-auto ultracompacts, even if it's not from a well-known manufacturer, unless it's a particularly bad camera) that imaging-resource and dpreview combined put into reviewing each high-end full-frame dSLR. Now it seems that dpreview AND imaging-resource will only give the full treatment to a review if the camera has a large sensor AND an interchangeable lens mount. (No, I wouldn't expect Jeff to take that task on, unless he gets a LOT of help!) Also it'd be nice to see every camera that's announced reviewed (and if a camera doesn't get reviewed, it means there are some serious flaws with that model (but if lots of people are buying it maybe it should be reviewed to bring the flaws to our attention)), but likewise I won't expect Jeff to do that by himself.