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I've been thinking about the FZ28, but I have a hunch that it's about to be replaced.
Really, wow, guess I didn't expect a replacement until July or so given that it took about a year to replace the FZ18 with the FZ28 -- care to share why you think it will be replaced so soon? Still, I ended up getting the FZ-28 after seeing that it had some clear advantages over the Canon for conversion lenses (might or might not go that route but I have options then) and also HD recording since the SX1 doesn't appear to be coming to the states. Also, the lens just seems to be brighter on the telephoto end so I found that nice as well.

Either way, hope you still choose to do a review...I'd be very interested in seeing that still and seeing what issues you ran up against. I know you guys favor the AA batteries too but I find that having the battery packs seem better to me for weight and I've never had a problem with just buying an extra one for longer trips.

Well, hope to see that review...the Casio FH20 review coming up will be nice but it seems to be in a different price range since I was able to pick up the FX-28 for probably half what that one costs and $100 less than the Canon. Either way, I've been a Canon fan for years but Panasonic is quickly moving up on them in my book at least (in the amateur consumer market anyways).

Thanks for all your great reviews and keep it up.