oh yes...of course. lol lets blame the bloke who was in power 10 years ago. nevermind the terrorist that was running the joint for the last 8 years huh ? nah...he's not to blame at all...all he did was squander a trillion or so looking for "WMD" in the wrong country who's Dictator was actually installed by his forebearers and supported by his father. bloody genius that guy !

the World thanks the good people of the USA for making sure we didnt have to endure yet more stupidity from an American President. 8 years of ridicule and derision was more than enough. i hope he gets the "shoe treatment" every day of his life, for the rest of his life....or eggs...tomatoes...i'm not fussy.

the only problem obama may have is that he cant see Russia from his back porch...so how the hell is he gonna write foreign policy ? bwahaaaaahaaaaaa hahhhaaaaahaaa