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    To be honest, wedding shots are not my forte'. And definitely not the place I would start learning how to do photography. God, the work alone is way over the line, but then again, different strokes, right?

    I made a decision, a long time ago, to avoid wedding and catered party stuff. That's not hobby ... that's work! I have some personal difficulties with moving around since a back injury, a couple years ago, so I do limit myself to using only a few fixed-position sniping locations, when I do events. Let's just say, I let the party come to me. LOL

    Anyway ... this is not a strength of this particular collection of heroes. There are several Nikon and Canon users, in the general forum, who do this on an exclusive and very major basis. There are even other discussion forums that do this exclusively ... and I highly recommend using them for criticism. I politely defer to their evaluation for shots of this nature.

    Sorry if I crossed the line, here. Good luck and have fun with it.
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    I agree that the "crop factor" is a big reason to go for the A900.
    With the smaller sensors you really have to think about the shot and use your feet (or zoom) to get the framing right (not always possible of course).
    Maybe the 900 would make me lazy.

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    Elisha, I had a look at the WOW pictures and confess to being less than WOWED.
    In particular the clarity and focus seem below par and presumably these are the "pick of the bunch". Some of it is down to post post processing and use of texture overlays.
    I find his use of diagonal framing to be overused and he does some unusual crops to be sure.
    I know the pressures of a "Wedding Shoot" are extreme but thats when a Pro should produce the goods.

    Personal preference plays a big part in the viewing experience so I may be being overcritical (of my own work as well) and I sure hope the Bride & Groom take the opposite view.

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    the pics he posted on the blog were within a few days of taking them. nobody has seen the final copy yet.
    the final work will only be completed in the middle of January so i'll hopefully have the DVD then.
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