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Thread: Need help

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    Need help

    I have recently bought a Samsung NV8 camera, which at the time seemed a great deal at 100, this was about 4 months ago, we have not used it much, but recently took some images for a birthday party, and all was great, after a few more occasions, we noticed a lot of pics was coming out blurry, now I have messed around with settings and such, and now distant images are ok, but close ups are horribly blurry, is this a hiccup with this camera? or have I done something wrong?

    Im no digital camera expert, and more often than not would just prefer to point and click, but is there a specific options setup I should be using for overall good general use?

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    Let's have a look...

    The best thing you can do at this stage is to post 3 or 4 of the offending images for us to have a look at, as there's several reasons that you could be getting out of focus shots. Often, we can make a pretty well calculated guess at what the problem is by examining the various elements of the image itself. And please leave their EXIFs intact too.

    Without patronising you, I'm guessing that it's something you're doing (or not doing) with your NV8's settings, rather than the huge odds that there's something wrong with the camera itself.

    There's a nice little review you might like to check out by clicking HERE.

    Hope this helps.

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