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    Actually, it has reduced the number incidents in the area. Wife's car was broken into, about four years ago. Only other one attempt, in recent history. They see that camera on the roof and back off. We're on a high school foot traffic path ... which obviously increases your chance of incident. The police actually have a couple of our tapes in regards to incidents/accidents that have happened in the area. Serve and protect, right from the house. Recordings of UPS/FedEX deliveries. It's kind of nice to be able to turn my head and immediately see what is going on in the garage, the yards, the hot tub hut, the drives, the perimeter streets and the doors.

    There are actually 12 cameras involved, for monitoring activities around the house, with the option of going to 16 total. I'm working out some plans for additional locations for total coverage. Camera's that engage the system when IR heat and motion is picked up. It saves a lot of time seeing who is around the house ... also monitoring traffic when my son has all his friends over, and most of all, safety with the hot tub. Although the entire backyard is surrounded by a huge vinyl fence (mostly for the dog's protection), it also provides a buffer against the small children who live in the area. When I lived in Florida, there were always stories of lil' folks wandering into pools and becoming casualties. I promised myself I would do everything I could to avoid that, when I got the hot tub. Heavy lid, protective house, fence and alarms (surveillance).

    On a really strange note, tonight: It has been announced that Des Plaines has just won the tenth & final Casino license in Illinois. It'll add $9-million/yr to the community, beating out Rosemont's bid ... who thought they had a "lock" on the license. Boy oh boy, what a surprise for them. I hope it ups the business district a bit, because it has been languishing for the past couple of years.
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