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    DSLR-bags for snowboarding

    Does anyone of you have some experience with snowboarding or skiing with a DSLR camera on your back? If so, can you recommend me a good backpack?

    I would love to take my camera with me on ski-trips but I want it to be as safe as possible... I would not attempt tricks or anything when I have the camera with me, but I want it to be safe just in case I would fall or anything...

    Anyhow, it must also be easy to take it out to shoot some pictures and then put it quickly back in there without exposing it to too much snow or water...


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    Years ago when I was into film photography, and nordic skiing/winter camping I used a water proof pouch in my backpack for general storage. When I anticipated taking photos I moved it to a small chest pack where it could be gotten to without shedding the larger heavier backpack. My water proof pouches were like heavy duty ziplock bags a friend gave me from a hospital where they were used for medical waste. Having the camera right on my chest protected it, offered good balance and allowed very fast response to photo opportunies.
    Now, years later with a new DSLR I opted for a LowePro FastPack 250 that holds my laptop plus camera rig. It is a great design for carrying the items, and very well made but I have found it is not so convenient for catching sudden opportunities. One way to use it is to sling it over my left shoulder which brings the side access door for the camera section to a side position instead of on my back. But over one shoulder is not so secure and would not work when traveling by skis. So I am thinking of finding a check pack to add to the FastPack straps and use it like I did 20++ years ago in the wilderness.
    Good luck

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    Lowepro make a chest harness (here) that works with several of their toploader cases (here).
    I have used this arrangment in the past for bushwalking and it works well. The only problem I can see is if you do a face plant.

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    Thanks for the link, that is exactly what I had in mind.

    If falling front first in snow, it should not be a problem but if into harder things such as rocks or a tree, a damages camera would be the least of someone's worries. If in the US, it would likely cause family backruptcy due to medical expsenses if you did survive.

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