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    Canon rebel xs help

    I cannot figure out how to turn on the LCD screen on the canon rebel XS. When I take a picture it does not let me view anything on the screen until after the picture is already taken.


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    if you are trying to use LiveView to compose on the LCD please refer below from cameralabs.com

    Live View is the key new feature on the 1000D / XS over its predecessor, and in use it’s essentially the same as the 450D / XSi. This includes switching it on in the first place, as unlike rival models which sensibly feature a dedicated button or switch, there’s nothing obvious for activating it on the new Canon.

    Indeed like the EOS 450D / XSi and 40D, Live View isn’t even enabled as standard, so you’ll need to enter a menu to do so, after which pressing the SET button on the back of the camera will activate it. It’s almost as if Canon’s a bit embarrassed about Live View, hiding it from conservative users who disapprove and hoping those who are interested will seek it out. We thought this was an odd strategy for the previous two models, but to continue it on an entry-level DSLR who’s target audience will see Live View as a key selling point is quite bizarre.
    Once the feature is enabled and the SET button pressed though, the system works as expected: the mirror flips up to expose the main sensor and the live image displayed on-screen about 1.5 seconds later.
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