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    My first new lens - Baby beercan

    Yeah, probably shouldn't have started a whole thread just for a $25 lens, but I'm excited.

    And I guess my first new lens was the kit lens, and the second new lens was the 75-300.... but it's my first new lens since I got the camera. And most importantly probably my first decent lens.

    I was looking around ebay for a cheap way to get something better than the kit for the short term. I found a Minolta 25-70mm f/4. At the time I didn't remember it, but later found the thread where Don wanted to do a shootout in that focal range. I did look it up at dyxum, where it has a mid 4's rating,. I figured it was worth it for $25+10 shipping.

    It showed up today, and I've been playing with it. My first impression is the difference in build quality (and weight) over the modern cheap Sony lenses. And it's noisy, but I think its the numbers in the distance window. The important part is the pictures seem to have a better feel. The colors seem a little more saturated in the few I took. And the slightly wider aperture is really nice. The focal length is wierd, but if I pick up the Tamron 70-300 and 17-50 in the near future, it will be a nice (although probably not needed) gap filler.

    And it turned out to be a crossed XX lens. As far as I know that doesn't mean the optics are better or worse, but it's kinda cool for collection purposes.

    So here are a few pictures, and can someone explain to me how the macro function works? I know it only works on manual focus, so I turned the camera to MF, and slid the switch to twist it to the correct position, its how I took the ornament. But both the zoom ring and focus ring seemed to control focus. How is that supposed to be used?

    I won't put the huge version in the forum, but it's here.
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