One of the cooler aspects of the α700, that I did not have with the α100 was ...

"Lower Noise!" 'Rooz' quickly points out.

Heh, heh ... Uh, yeah, but, also the capability to directly control your camera from the PC, through the USB connection with the included software. The beauty of this, while not being actively capable of seeing through the viewfinder, from the PC, you can still autofocus and take images at various settings without having to get up and down, from your PC ... I like that. I am not a kid, anymore, although I have one on TV.

I find this tremendously helpful while working some distance from the camera .... up to 12 twelve feet, and working on a subject or subject matter. Unlike just using a remote shutter release ... you can use either your PC or laptop, just out of frame ... and play with white balance, exposure, aperture, DRO ... and several other important aspects of your shot. Then, with a click of the mouse ... results!

While using short lens, the trip is not usually that far, using a 135mm on a APS-C sensor ... we can be talking 10-20 feet or even more. The constant UP & DOWN can be truly exhausting, after a few hours of work.

So for no extra cost ... your arms and legs get a bit longer. If they start piping LiveView out, in the next version ... ah technology, huh?