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    New Nikon Doesn't Go Down Well With Hitler

    I've need this piece of film re-subtitled with many different subject matters now but never with a Photographic topic!

    I found the first half amusing but must admit I was lost in the second half lol. Maybe those with a greater affinity for photography may find it amusing. Not knowing how old this clip is, apologies if you've seen it before and this topic is simply wasting bandwidth.


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    LOL, and no, I haven't seen the clip before. Someone must be a dedicated Nikon basher.

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    Holy cow. Very nice. I had to keep myself from laughing since I'm at work.

    People will be complaining about Nikon and Sony lens selections for a while, but it's getting better. Scott Bourne at twip switched to Nikon a few months ago, and lately hes done a few posts about Sigmas he has picked up because Nikon doesn't offer what he needs.

    I guess in the Sony world we are used to 3rd party glass. Buying Sigma or Tamron doesn't phase us as much.
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