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You mean a900 and d3x?
No, at this point my 10.2 MP is quite enough, and I'd rather buy a vertical grip for the D700 for a 10th of the price of the d3x. D3X is an incredible camera, but the D700 is the same features, probably better fps, smaller, and way cheaper. What you lose with the D3 or D700 is the resolution. Thats major for some people, but not for me... yet.

So e-dawg makes a good point I haven't really been thinking about. This is merely a software/algorithm thing. Sony makes most or all of Nikon's sensors. With good glass a D900 should be able to take anything any Nikon can take. Better since they (theoretically) have access to the engineers that design the sensors.

It seems like Sony should be able to do what e-dawg said, poach a few engineers who know how to write noise reduction algorithms, release firmware updates, and sell the best bodies on the market.

To be sure it's more involved than that. I actually had to do a dinky sharpening and softening algorithm for an introductory C++ class once, and I got a taste of how complicated it can be.

But at any rate it seems odd. And I see Nikon and Canon pictures at ISO 3200 that look better than my A300 at ISO 800.