One of the aspects that has seemed to significantly lag in the SONY DSLR is how noise is being dealt with. Oh, I suppose it has been tolerable for most camera shooters, but for those looking to get significant results in less than optimal conditions, well ... it's a bit more than troubling.

I have posted settings to try and mitigate the impact of noise in low light conditions, but I am anxious hear if anyone else is "bothered" by this. The introduction of the A900 has, once again, revealed that sensor or "digital noise" continues to plague shots higher than ISO-400.

I strongly suggest that if the camera cannot deal with it directly (RAW or otherwise), that the manufacturer's release some kind of specific "freeware" that can be utilized in the PC & Apple computer for dealing with this issue in an "authorized" and mutually acceptable way for the SONY-style (pun intended ) cameras.

Okay ... let's hear some NOISE of support! I would like to submit this thread to SONY for consideration. Ignoring the issue will do nothing to erradicate it.