Just ordered a DMC-LX3 and 16 GB Panasonic class 6 SDHC card.

1) How does the lens cover up when not shooting? I don't see mention of a lens cap anywhere? Want a case but have read the reviews on the fancy leather case making the camera un-usable till top half is removed and kept elsewhere. Anyone try it? I'm more inclined to want a simple small protective case that will hold a memory card and battery too............plus xtra stuff if I get it.

2) $189 DMW-TW46 Wide conversion lens? Anyone got one? Is it worth anything for the carry space it takes? Filters? Does it work in all 3 aspect ratios?

3) $24 DMW-LA4 Conversion adaptor. Looks like a lens shade ending in a 46mm filter thread. Does it viginette at all?

I'll wait to buy my case until I see what stuff I want to haul around with the camera....................Raymond