A couple of years ago I deleted the THM files when I brought in videos from my Canon A520/A710. There is about a 9 month period. Unfortunately I wasn't aware at the time the info those files contain. Simply plut I want to know if there is a way to recreate the file. I know I can make a jpeg etc, but I want the file to actually be associated with the video. I use a photo storage site called Phanfare and when you upload the video it looks at the THM file and extracts the EXIF info present and attaches it to the video, thus your videos will sort by date. There is no function to attach this any other way. Anybody have any suggestions for re-creating the THM file? I expect to have to do it manually for each file but the association is what I am missing. I tried creating a jpeg, editing the exif, naming it the same as the video, and then changing the extension to THM but this didn't appear to work? Thanks in advance.