So it's down to the Metz Mecablitz 48 AF-1 vs Sunpak PZ42X.
I can get the Metz for about $249 CAD plus about 13% tax, but it is special order and they can't guarantee when i will get it.
on the other hand i can get the Sunpak during vacation cause the shop is only an hour away from my parents place and i can order it and have it shipped for free before i even get there in a couple of weeks.

the Sunpak lacks HSS i belive as well as Wireless which can be solved with a hot-shoe add-on. but it has an illuminated LCD panel which could be useful in dark situations. The Sunpak would cost me under $200 CAD shipped.

The Metz has a USB port for fw updates and i noticed that the Metz site already has updates for Sony Alpha.

i need a flash before the 13th as that is when my sister is getting married and i would like to be able to use it then.

is there any downside that is blatantly visible on the Sunpak that is essential to my level of photography?

links to Sunpak and wireless hot-shoe thingy:

link to Metz: