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    Question Old (used) Fuji 6500(6000) fd or new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28?

    I need quick answer, what is better to buy:
    Old (used) Fuji 6500(6000) fd ( ~$170 )
    new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 ( $330 )


    And why?


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    Depends if you feel you really need the extra reach at the long end of the zoom of the FZ28 (468mm v the 300mm of the S6500).

    Or if you want to take low light action shots, where the better high ISO sensitivity noise performance of the S6500 will allow you to use faster shutter speeds to freeze motion blur without losing image quality.

    Only you can tell how significant the price difference is, but I think the S6500 is still one of the best ultrazoom bridge cameras ever made. The FZ28 is probably the best with that zoom range.

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    Thumbs up Fuji

    If more zoom is not important to you then I would recommend the Fuji. Reasons:
    - Manual, mechanical zoom ring;
    - Picture quality very good at higher than base ISO too due to larger sensor.

    Take a look at the review on this site.
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    If your buying second hand, check the power switch. Sometimes with use it can stiffen up and be difficult to work.

    Also make sure you check things like the EVF and LCD visibility and brightness.

    The Fuji is an awesome unit, but make sure you get one that works proper!
    Samsung NX10+30mm+18-55mm OIS, Fuji S6500FD

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    It depends where you live, of course, but an FZ28 for $330 is not a good buy when Amazon is offering it for $60 less...


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