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    Thumbs up The 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 solution ... time tells all!

    I posted this thread entry some time back, when the 18-250 first came out, because it was such an impressive lens over the 18-200, from a year earlier. To this day, I am of the opinion that it is STILL the BEST "kit lens" idea out there, for the SONY DSLR cameras.

    That's pretty cool ... considering how long it has been.

    Here is the second thread for review.

    Finally, another review from Dynax Digital Forums, dedicated to SONY and Minolta support.

    And then a pretty good link, with Dyxum.com to review with other web review connections for the lens.

    With the introduction of the new in-the-lens anti-shake AF 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 XR Di-II VC LD Aspherical (IF) for the Canon and Nikon bunch ... the spectacular quality of this "utility" lens is confirmed.

    I suggest you would be well-served having the SONY/TAMRON 18-250 (not the TAMRON 18-270, as it is for Canon/Nikon only) as your starter one ... and keep it handy when you expand your glass bag ... for vacation time.
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