Im getting ready to go to disney for a couple days witht he family. We go there alot and have never seen the christmas lights. So i have 3 main questions. whats the best way to shoot the lights. Obviously at night so i assume no flash. And lets remember im new a pretty much an idiot with this stuff so please make it easy to understand. Dumb it down alot lol. Also i will be shooting the fireworks so again flash no flash. And also the parade which they turn all the lights out and the parade has lights all over it im sure alot of you have seen. I dont no how much detail you need. Please help and givre me some tips and again please dont assume anything im an idiot i no this so i will take all advice.

As most of you no i have the a350 and the 18-250 sony lense

i look forward to sharing some of my work while im there and also when i get back so dont hold back i want all the secrets