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    This year, I had originally been shooting to get an A900, after all the expensive shifts in the market ... it kind of killed my hobby options. The 135mm wound up in my bag as one of the final purchases prior to obtaining the FF body. Regretfully ... the body is still with the manufacturer, priced out of my (and that of many other's) reach ... for the moment. It appears to be around a $4500 outlay, just to get the base setup, with flash. Maybe the "savior" will have a financial plan to bring it back down ... time will tell ... or not.

    In the meantime, though, the TAMRON SP AF 90mm f/2.8 MACRO is pretty close in Image Quality ... the massive advantage, of course, is the CZ 85mm's f/1.4 aperture. To get brighter and the bokeh, I go with the less-expensive SONY AF 50mm f/1.4 and crawl a bit closer. Maybe the subject won't notice the lesser glass. LOL.

    Overheard at a recent shoot:
    "Oh my God, you're not taking my picture with a $350 prime, are you? I was expecting the $1400 one, at the very least."

    Also, the AF CZ 135mm f/1.8 is the longest, widest lens of its kind, currently available. Mounted on the APS-C sensor camera body, it's effectively a 200mm! Do you have any idea how much a "stabilized" 200mm f/2 shot cost with a Canon FF camera? Look it up ... it is staggering. Oh sure, you can have an EF 135mm f/2 USM lens place on a Canon EOS 50D ... but, you have no stability. You have to have a tripod to milk the slower speeds, indoors. "Lens IS" is not cheap for this puppy. We are discussing a $5000 lens ... and you still need the FF camera body to slap it on.

    Remember, if it doesn't have "Zeiss" stamped on it ... it's probably someone else's lens! Make do.
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    Remember: It is usually the GLASS, not the camera (except for moving to Full Frame), that gives you the most improvement in your photography.

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